Short Courses

The TCCI offers a range of non-accredited courses to support the needs of your business.  These courses can be mapped to a nationally recognised unit of competence.  The TCCI can connect you with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who can undertake an assessment process.

Profiling Tools
TCCI is a licensed distributor of DISC, Workplace Motivators, TII Emotional Quotient and Trimetrix, offering a suite of internationally recognised profiling and performance tools available to enhance outcomes. Should you have a particular performance issue or require some specific outcome from staff training, contact TCCI training to see if we can help.

Most of our courses are approved for CPD through CBOS, we can also apply for CPD recognition through other professional bodies as required. Contact us to discuss your CPD requirements.

TCCI Training Calendar
Course dates can be found on the TCCI Training Calendar, if there is no date scheduled for the course you are interested in, email to express interest in the course.

Looking for something in particular?
All short courses can be customised and delivered on-site at a time convenient for you and your team, as a not for profit provider we can offer competitive rates for customised delivery.
Short Course
TCCI Member
Building Workplace Resilience $175 $260
Communicate with Influence $250 $375
Communication Essentials $175 $260
Conflict Resolution Essentials $175 $260
Customer Service and Sales Essentials $350 $525
Customer Service Essentials $175 $260
Effective Team Communication $350 $525
Emotional Intelligence Essentials $175 $260
Emotional Intelligence Plus $350 $525
Having Difficult Conversations $175 $260
Influential Team Leader $350 $525
Lead and Manage Work Teams $350 $525
Leadership Essentials $250 $375
Leadership Essentials PLUS $350 $525
Managing Difficult People $175 $260
Managing Underperformance $350 $525
Meeting Essentials $175 $260
Public Speaking Essentials $350 $525
Respectful Workplace Behaviour Essentials $175 $260
Selling Essentials $175 $260
Selling Essentials PLUS $350 $525
Stakeholder Engagement Essentials $350 $525
Team Leader Essentials $450 $745
Time Management & Goal Setting $175 $260
Enhancing Personal Effectiveness $175 $260
Driving Workforce Motivation $175 $260
Workplace Motivators Plus $350 $525
Workplace Training Essentials $350 $525
WHS Frontline $50 $75
WHS Supervisor $100 $150