WHS Services

The TCCI offers a range of services to educate and support businesses to comply with the new Work Health and Safety Act.  The new legislation is part of national harmonisation effective 1 January 2013.

WHS services include:
  • Providing briefing sessions on the new legislation
  • Providing a HELPLINE for employers 1300 559 122
  • Providing information and education relating to employer’s roles, rights and responsibilities under the new Legislation;
  • Providing over the phone and onsite support to employers across the state on WHS issues;
  • Providing support to employers to innovate work practices and workplaces to promote the prevention of injury at the workplace and the development of healthy and safe workplaces;
  • Supporting employers to:
    • Undertake workplace assessments
    • Identify hazards in the workplace
    • Educate their employees on WHS issues
    • Develop safety plans
    • Understand their needs when implementing and reviewing WHS management systems
    • Comply with WHS legislation
    • Access products and services to support compliance
    • Commitment to workplace mental health as part of the Heads Up campaign
  • Providing updates, tools and information on WHS. Updates, Tools and Resources


T: 1300 559 122