WHS Advisory Service

The TCCI's Work Health and Safety Advisory service is funded by the WorkCover Tasmania Board.  This service is an independent service aiming to:
  • increasing awareness and understanding  of work health and safety within Tasmanian businesses;
  • educates businesses on their work, health  and safety roles, rights and responsibilities;
  • improve the work safety culture  and attitudes of Tasmanian businesses and workers;  and
  • enables  businesses  to adopt safer work practices and enhance compliance with work health and safety obligations.
This service provides a range of support services to deliver on these objectives.  These include:
  • two statewide work health and safety consultants;
  • statewide workshops and training;
  • coaching and mentoring services particularly focusing on work, health and safety culture, capability and behaviour;
  • provision of information and advice onsite and through phone, email, newsletters, social media and TCCI website;
  • consultancy, audit and diagnostic support services; and 
  • a workplace mental health training and support program (currently under development).
The types of services that you may access will depends on your individual needs and the needs of your business.  An example of the types of things this service can support you with include, but are not limited to:
  • identifying workplace hazards and risks, and implementing control measures;
  • how to develop, maintain and review Work Health Safety Management systems (WHSMS);
  • return to work processes;
  • appropriate policies and documentation ;
  • SDS (safety data sheets) and storage of chemicals;
  • audit systems;
  • contractor obligations;
  • drafting and implementing policies and procedures;
  • plant and equipment maintenance and records;
  • consultation with workers;
  • induction process for new workers, visitors and contractors;
  • management and maintenance of health and safety records;
  • bridging the safety gap between employers and employees;
  • safety and emergency plans;
  • first aid requirements;
  • injury/accidents/incidents and near misses;
  • maintenance and review of training records including relevant licences and permits; and
  • prosecution information and relevant findings.
To access this service contact us today via the TCCI Business Hotline on 1300 559 112 or via email safety@tcci.com.au.

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