Business Briefing Sessions

TCCI Business Briefing Sessions are designed to provide updates on key topics relevant to Tasmanian businesses. These monthly virtual sessions are free to attend.

Topics will be relevant to best practice and compliant business operations. To ensure they are brief, participants will be invited to email any questions through after the session has concluded.

New sessions coming in 2021

Past Sessions:

July 2020 - 
Workplace Consultation – Do your policies hold up without it?
The role of workplace consultation cannot be understated. Your business may have every policy and procedure available but if the workforce is not consulted they may be worthless.

Consultation, whilst important, is often overlooked as it can be time consuming and difficult to manage lots of feedback from staff.

August 2020 - Unfair Dismissal
Something most employers dread, an unfair dismissal claim from Fair Work. No matter how compliant a business is with their workplace relations, terminated employees can still lodge an unfair dismissal claim.

This Business Briefing Session is designed to enlighten employers on the unfair dismissal process and what to expect.

TCCI Senior Workplace Relations Consultant Abbey George has assisted a number of Tasmanian Businesses in her seven years at TCCI and will share insights into the process.

September 2020 - COVID-19 ready safety plans

The COVID-19 Safe Workplaces Framework supports businesses and workplaces in Tasmania to continue to operate, or reopen by providing minimum COVID-19 safety standards to manage the ongoing risk of COVID-19 in workplaces. 

TCCI strongly recommends businesses develop a COVID-19 safety plan to demonstrate your compliance with the minimum standards.

October 2020 - Work Health and Safety Advisory Services

The TCCI's Work Health and Safety Advisory service is an independent service to assist your business to understand and implement work, health and safety roles, rights and responsibilities to enhance compliance with your work health and safety obligations in the workplace.
The service provides a range of support to deliver on these objectives. 

In this session our Work Health and Safety Consultant will address some of the services available to your business in a question and answer format.

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October 2020 - More than a COVID Safety Plan

With borders set to reopen to safe states, have you prepared yourself? Your staff? Your customers?

Join us for a Live Q & A with speakers Janelle Whitehouse (TCCI) and Anne-Marie Dean (Positive Solutions) as they tackle the hidden hazards to help keep everyone safe at work.

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November 2020 - Guidance to implement workplace drug and alcohol testing

Testing workers for drugs and alcohol can sometimes be controversial. However drug and alcohol use can effect a person’s ability to work safely, which is why drug and alcohol testing can be an important part of risk management in some workplaces.

If your business has been looking at or thinking about implementing drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, you may be confused as to where to start.

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Other past webinars: