Chairman's Club Members

Our TCCI Chairman’s Club membership is an important element of our engagement with the Tasmanian business community and resource upon which we rely. 

The connectivity, information, insights and training opportunities we access as a Chairman’s Club member are invaluable.

Ben Targett - CEO - The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel / Hadleys Orient Hotel


On behalf of everyone who participated in this round of professional development I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation of the work and passion you have put in to deliver engaging and highly relevant content. It has been a great opportunity for our current and emerging leaders to grow and develop while setting the foundations of leadership and management that will position them well for their future careers. That we were agile enough to move to online delivery for our last session was a great step forward and has opened up a range of options for our staff to continue to pursue alternate methods of delivery to facilitate our programs on line. 
Again, thank you for the all of the effort you have put into these sessions and I am looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.
Ben Richards - Operations Manager, Workskills

We undertook DISC (communication and behavioural style) assessments for each of our staff.  Then had TCCI conduct several training sessions to enable each staff member to understand not only their own views, motivations and communication styles, but also to allow them to better understand each of their fellow employees and managers and how to best communicate with them.

We recently followed this up with another two training sessions which focused on Emotional intelligence.  This has further enhanced our team's ability to communicate in a positive and productive way which now allows for sometimes difficult conversations to be conducted as needed without fear of workmates getting upset or offended. '

Already I can see the positive changes to individuals and team culture which is amazing considering the current stresses brought on by COVID-19 and all the difficulties this has brought to our business and to our team member's lives.

Scott Lovell - Managing Director, Think Big Printing

We have used Stacey Joseph from TCCI to deliver training for our staff on a number of occasions. Using her great communication skills and bubbly personality Stacey has managed to keep our staff enthused and has encouraged them to take ownership for their own learning outcomes.
The training received has increased our productivity and has assisted staff to deal with unexpected behaviours and have the confidence to deal with difficult conversations. Morale and confidence within the group has been improved and this has been a direct result from the training. The advanced researching, strong communication skills, high organisational skills and adaptability skills has been evident in all the training TCCI has delivered for Work & Training.

Rodney Hayden - Operations Manager - Employment & Training Services, Work & Training

Stacey’s presentation on the Labour Market was highly effective for giving our year 11 and 12 students an understanding of local trends, as well as advice for being successful in job applications.

Stacey is an engaging speaker who can pitch her information to the audience; she takes what can be quite dry data and presents it in a contextualised and compelling delivery. We look forward to welcoming Stacey back to speak to our students in the future.

Alana - Launceston College

Really engaging. Did not find myself getting distracted as I thoroughly enjoyed.
Holly Terare - Brighton Council

Stacey is really engaging and thorough in the information she gives.

Communicate with Influence training participant

Stacey is a passionate and knowledgeable facilitator who tailored the course towards the requirements of the team. As a result the course was not only timely, but pertinent. Delivers the content with confidence and passion - good use of real life experiences and personal content.

Ed Beswick - Conflict Resolution Essentials participant 

Obviously loves what she does and is a wealth of knowledge.

Best Practice Human Resources participant about Stacey Joseph 

Sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful and empowering training you have given to our members yesterday.

A perfect blend of your subject and industry expertise, creative and compelling pedagogy and above all, a sincere passion for training, has made a lasting impact on every participant. The topics were thoroughly targeted to enhance their communication skills in the pursuit of their dream career.
My sincere thanks to you, personally and from all our members. You have been really resourceful and trust you will continue to be a good support to all of us remotely. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Joy Therully - CatholicCare Tasmania

I just wanted to say thanks again for the course last Friday, everyone was in agreeance that it was one of the best and most useful courses we have done.

Matt White - Rockit Asphalting Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for supplying this much needed training to our region, all the participants have spoken very highly of your delivery and found you very engaging and approachable.

Darren Lewis - Department of Education St Helens Trade Training Centre


Thank you also for your wonderful service. It is very much appreciated.

- Donna Reardon, Hop Products Australia

Since my involvement with the TCCI I have had very positive interactions with all your staff, on every occasion. They are always courteous, friendly and proactive in assisting me achieve good outcomes.  They are a wonderful example of the type of fantastic service I like to experience, but unfortunately rarely do.

Colleen Morris - Biofouling Solutions

Kerryn was very prompt and professional in her quick response to a query with a very short notice.
Anonymous - Green Grass Trading Pty Ltd

Bioflex Nutrition is a Tasmanian SME, and we have found great value in our TCCI membership through training opportunities, Hot Topic Information sessions, access to the Workplace Relations Helpline, and leveraging their wide network for business connections.
We send our staff to TCCI training run at their site, but have also had great success working with Stacey to develop in house training that is specific to our needs. We find that the training sessions are adjusted to suit our staff (such as those with ESL) and made to be engaging and have plenty of ‘real world’ relevance for both the staff and the organization.
We find the TCCI a valuable business partner.

Jess Crowley - Manager, Bioflex Nutrition

Room Hire

Hosting our workshops at the TCCI has been an excellent experience in 2019. The TCCI staff are very friendly, professional and accommodating and always willing to help make the experience a positive one for our staff and customers. We look forward to a continuing relationship in 2020!

Fiona Turner - Swinburne University of Technology


I write to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work the TCCI are doing, at all times but especially during these unprecedented times.

I find the information you provide via the Covid-19 updates as an excellent resource and the feedback from my business constituents echoes that.

I felt it important to provide this feedback – thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

Robert Armstrong former MLC Independent Member for Huon