Workplace Motivators

Course Content
Workplace motivators explain why people do what they do. Every person is motivated by a unique combination of six key motivators.
All participants will undertake a short questionnaire and be provided with an individual report to explain what motivates them and why they are more engaged with some things than others.
Workshop content will address the following:
·           Be aware of what their motivators are
·           Be aware of others’ motivators and the impact they have
·           Take action to manage or impact their own  motivators for the better
·           Be respectful of other people’s motivators

Delivery Information
Duration:      1/2 Day

Individual Reports SAMPLE REPORT
Each participant will receive a detailed report which includes:
·           Workplace motivators assessment results
·           Explanation of key strengths and possible limitations based on personal motivators
·           Descriptor of each motivator as it applies to the individual
·           Personal action plan

Investment (Individual sessions)
$395 TCCI member
$550 non member
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