Short Courses

Training Calendar  

The TCCI offers a range of non-accredited courses to support the needs of your business.  These courses can be mapped to a nationally recognised unit of competence.  The TCCI can connect you with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who can undertake an assessment process.

TCCI is a licensed distributor of DISC, Workplace Motivators, TII Emotional Quotient and Trimetrix, offering a suite of internationally recognised profiling and performance tools available to enhance outcomes. Should you have a particular performance issue or require some specific outcome form staff training, contact TCCI training to see if we can help.

Short Course TCCI Member Rate Non Member Rate Scheduled Dates
Behavioural Intelligence SAMPLE REPORT $695 $895 Send an enquiry
Communicate with Influence $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Communication and Analysing Behaviour SAMPLE REPORT $395 $550 Training Calendar
Conducting Performance Reviews $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Build Effective Teams $195 $295 Training Calendar
Emotional Intelligence Plus SAMPLE REPORT $395 $550 Training Calendar
HR Foundations $750 $1125 Send an enquiry
Leadership for Managers and Supervisors $395 $550 Send an enquiry
Maximise Your Time $195 $295  Training Calendar
Professional Telephone Techniques $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Professional Writing for Business $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Reducing Workplace Risks $395 $550 Send an enquiry
Running Successful Meetings $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Sales Superstars $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Superb Service $195 $295 Send an enquiry
Team Leader Ultimate Inc TriMetrix SAMPLE REPORT $995 $1295 Training Calendar
Train and Mentor in the Workplace $395 $550 Send an enquiry
WHS Frontline $50 $75 Send an enquiry
WHS Supervisor $100 $150 Send an enquiry
Workplace Motivators SAMPLE REPORT $395 $550 Training Calendar
Workplace Relations 101 $395 $550 Send an enquiry
Worker Ready Series $999 $1350 Training Calendar
Workshop 1: Recruitment Ready $295 $400 Training Calendar
Workshop 2: Informative Induction and Onboarding $295 $400 Training Calendar
Workshop 3: Promoting Peak Performance $295 $400 Training Calendar
Workshop 4: Leadership and Competitive Advantage $295 $400 Training Calendar

Course dates can be found on the TCCI Training Calendar, if there is no date scheduled for the course you want, email to express interest in the course.