TCCI Tasmania Report

Download 2019 TCCI Tasmania Report

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to produce the annual TCCI Tasmania Report.

The 2019 TCCI Tasmania Report was prepared by Deloitte Access Economics’ partner Chris Richardson and his Hobart team. Building on the analysis by Saul Eslake in previous years, it collates and summarises Tasmania’s progress and performance on important economic and social indicators.

The Tasmania Report notes that in 2018-19 Tasmania has had by far the fastest growing economy in the country.
Our nation-leading result reflects sound output growth across every one of the Tasmanian economy’s 19 sectors – the first time ever.

The report also highlights that although Tasmania is performing well there have been longer and stronger periods of growth in the past and Tasmania still lags behind the rest of the country in many areas. 

Tasmania recorded the lowest average weekly earnings, $187 less than the national average. Population growth and a shortage of supply means rental affordability in Hobart is the worst of all capital cities.

Despite strong output, jobs growth in Tasmania has been sluggish. Unemployment is still the third highest in the nation.

In education the proportion of the population with no schooling past Year 10 is higher than the national average

Tasmania has the greatest or second greatest proportion of people with arthritis, asthma, hypertension and mental or behavioural conditions.

The Tasmania Report finds that there is no single or simple way to make sure the good times continue – but that the following seven points should help close the gap:
  1. People power
  2. Invest in physical infrastructure
  3. Clean and green brand
  4. Health
  5. Local government reform
  6. Education and training
  7. Embrace our visitors

The report forms TCCI 's annual state budget submission.

Download the TCCI Tasmania Report below: