TCCI's COVID-19 economic recovery priorities

Three priorities for recovery
The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound  and far-reaching effect on the Tasmanian community as well as the business community.
Many businesses have shut their doors or have lost most or all of their business; others are being forced to adapt, providing new products and services and moving to remote work environments.
Many businesses have slowly and cautiously reopened, whilst other businesses may never reopen or are scrambling to respond to the current environment. It is vital we turn our attention to building the economy, creating jobs and assisting businesses to re-establish themselves.
The efforts of the state and federal government in stimulating the economy are likely to be the most important efforts since the end of the Second World War.
In order to foster the fastest and best return to a buoyant Tasmanian economy, we need to prioritise the following:

  1. Supporting businesses to reopen and stay open
  2. Investing in our people
  3. Investing in infrastructure


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