A Voice for Business
The TCCI is the State’s peak employer and business organisation. It provides a strong voice and platform for business to government and the broader community, fostering business success and economic and employment growth.

With an emphasis on policies that promote business growth, productivity and profitability, the TCCI through leadership, advocacy and networking, works to create the environment necessary for business success.

TCCI Advocacy
The TCCI has a strong record of government engagement and advocacy on major issues to promote a sustainable and prosperous Tasmania.
It maintains a consistent presence in all local media, conducts forums and presentations around the State to inform economic debate and meets regularly with Government Ministers, senior politicians and bureaucrats to shape public opinion and policy. The TCCI’s advocacy effort covers areas as diverse as economic development, the budget, State taxation, energy and education.

Policy Development
The TCCI has continued to be at the forefront of economic research and policy development in key areas of the Tasmanian economy including:
  • Taxation reform
  • Land use planning
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Education
  • Government spending
  • Economic development and jobs growth
  • Energy
  • Forestry
  • Water and sewerage policy
The quarterly Tasmanian Survey of Business Expectations provides an accurate measure of business confidence and future outlook and is established as a key monitor of the Tasmanian economy. The TCCI’s policy development provides strong and rigorous support for the organisation’s ongoing advocacy on behalf of the business sector.

TCCI’s strength is its members
TCCI’s views are heard at the highest levels of government and are seen as representing Tasmanian business and employers. Little can be achieved in isolation. But as part of a strong member organisation, employers can be confident that their interests are strongly presented and pursued.
By being a part of the TCCI you can help ensure that Tasmania continues to benefit from a strong business voice.

For further information contact the TCCI on 1300 559 122 or email or have your say now!