Workplace Relations Support

As part of the Tasmanian Government’s Stimulus Package, TCCI will provide free advice to support businesses affected by COVID-19 to manage their obligations in relation to industrial relations issues.  These issues may include workplace health and safety, employment obligations, workers compensation and changing workforce requirements.

Support may include (but not limited to):

  • Advice in regards to industrial instruments - Modern Award, Enterprise Agreements etc....
  • Modern Award coverage and interpretation
  • Rates of pay, loadings, penalties and allowances 
  • Leave entitlements/accruals – annual, personal, parental and long service leave
  • Obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 
  • Record keeping requirements 
  • Support and advice to manage workforce contraction such as contract variations, stand downs, redundancies, etc..
  • Development and implementation of policies and advice in relation to:
    • Leave
    • Flexible work arrangements
    • Working from home
    • Stand down
    • Isolation
    • WHS 
    • Hygiene
    • Duty of care implications 
  • Provision of advice on employee management including business closure and risk management