Australian Made, Australian Grown

If your business makes or grows products and produce in Australia, country-of-origin branding via the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo can help you leverage the increasing demand for Australian-made and Australian-grown goods around the world.

The logo is the only registered certification trade mark for the full range of Australian goods, and has more than thirty years of market capital globally.

It is administered and promoted by the not-for-profit Australian Made Campaign, which was established by the Australian chamber of commerce network, with particular support from the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI).

TCCI is proud to support Australian growers and manufacturers via its role as a Governing Member of the Australian Made Campaign.

To find out more about the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, the Campaign behind it, and how using it can benefit your business, watch this two-minute video, view this webinar or visit