Media Releases 2021

Government needs a clear plan to avoid the economy going "pear shaped"
TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, has called on the Government to immediately outline its plan to support the economy when JobKeeper payments stop at the end of March.

Mr Bailey’s call follows the release of the Deloitte Access Business Outlook Report (see attached), which says there is a risk “…that a few things could go pear shaped” without a strategy to cope with JobKeeper payments winding up. Read More

Government must step in to stop crop rot
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey has expressed his extreme frustration at reports in today’s Tasmanian Country that farmers are abandoning crops because they can’t get enough workers to pick them. Read More

Time for Tassie to back traditional economic strentgths 

TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, has today called on the Government to back in Tasmania’s traditional economic strengths in response to the ongoing uncertainty created by COVID pandemic. Read More