Media Releases 2020

Tasmania – AFL Team
The TCCI today heralded the AFL Taskforce Report to establish a Tasmanian AFL team by 2025.

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said the Report’s recommendations for both the North and South of the State will create enormous economic and social opportunities for the whole of Tasmania. Read More

Premier Gutwein
The TCCI today congratulated Peter Gutwein on becoming Tasmania’s 46th Premier.
“The TCCI wants to welcome Peter Gutwein as Tasmania’s Premier,” TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said. Read More

New Premier
The TCCI today stated its support for both candidates for Premier of Tasmania, Michael Ferguson and Peter Gutwein.
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said either candidate will perform well as the 46th Premier of Tasmania. Read More

Premier Resigns
The TCCI today congratulated Will Hodgman on his premiership of Tasmania.
“Will Hodgman’s announcement of his resignation as Premier, effective immediately, has come as a great shock,” TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said. Read More