Tasmania the Most Positive State

Release Date: 19/08/2019
Tasmania is Australia’s most positive State according to the August Sensis Business Index.
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said the SBI showed Tasmanian small and medium sized businesses were 63% positive.

“The latest Sensis small and medium business confidence report reveals Australia’s small business sector has experienced a post-election bounce, with 57% of businesses now confident while just 17% are concerned,” Mr Bailey said.

“Tasmania remains the most confident state - with 63% of businesses expressing confidence in their prospects - followed by Queensland at 60% and Victoria at 58%.

“South Australian businesses are the most worried, with 24% expressing fears, while 21% of businesses in both New South Wales and Western Australia are worried about their prospects.”

Mr Bailey said in good news for the State Government, Tasmanian business was most positive when it comes to state and territory government support, with 37.1% believing the Hodgman Government is supportive to SMBs.

“However, 37% of businesses across the country believe excessive ‘red tape’ is holding back their growth. This was highest in Victoria with 41% of businesses quoting red tape as an issue.

“In NSW, 35% of businesses view insurance as the second hindrance after red tape (36%), while 37% of South Australian and Tasmanian businesses believe insurance is putting the brake on their growth.

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