Senate Urged to Support Small Business

Release Date: 10/02/2019
The TCCI today called on the Senate to support small business nationally and not cause grave uncertainty for Australians who work casually and the small businesses that employ them. 

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said a Federal Court Decision in August 2018 (WorkPac v Skene) put the jobs of at least a million casual employees in doubt.

“The original decision exposed Australian small businesses to the risk of massive back pay claims and to being required to pay twice for leave,” Mr Bailey said.

“The loophole being exploited following the WorkPac v Skene decision was tackled by the Federal Government late last year, making a statutory regulation to shut down double dipping.

“This was a sensible fix to an urgent problem in our employment laws.”
Mr Bailey said the Labor Party wants to overturn this regulation through a disallowance motion.

“This motion would reopen a loophole to allow double dipping, which could cost Australian small businesses up to an additional $8 billion.

“This would threaten the viability of many Tasmanian small businesses and the casual jobs they provide.”
Mr Bailey said with a Federal election scheduled for May this year, all political parties need to support business – small, medium and large.

“The Tasmanian economy is based on small and medium businesses. 
“Deliberately unfixing a problem will expose Tasmanian small businesses to double pay obligations. Small businesses employ most casual workers, and so small businesses are most at risk from this disallowance motion.

“The TCCI urges all Senators to reject this attempt to both damage and endanger Tasmanian small business.”

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