Second Interconnector – Future of Tasmania

Release Date: 10/02/2019
The TCCI stated today the announcement of the Federal Government’s $56 million to progress plans for a second interconnector represents Tasmania’s future.

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said the Marinus feasibility study, highlighting the overall benefits of further interconnection to mainland Australia, acknowledges its status as strategic national infrastructure.

“A second interconnection and the further renewable energy developments resulting from it will boost the Tasmanian economy with thousands of jobs and billions in investment,” Mr Bailey said.

“This is the future for Tasmania truly becoming the ‘Battery of the Nation’, unlocking new generation and storage in the State.

“Tasmania is set to become, with Snowy 2.0, the energy solution for Australia.”
The TCCI has been chasing this project and the issue of Tasmania’s place in the national grid as a Federal election issue.

“We hope Federal Labor will also commit to the funding of Marinus,” Mr Bailey said.
“With Marinus, existing wind power developments will double and even more crucially, the development of ‘pumped hydro’ hinges on the second interconnector becoming a reality.

“Pumped hydro has the potential to double the current Tasmanian generation capacity. There could be up to 4800MW of pumped hydro attached to the various projects.

“Factor in that every 600MW will cost $1.5 million to build, there could be a $900 million investment on just one of the sites.

“And with that investment comes jobs – construction at the sites, improved transport infrastructure and engineering of many and varied disciplines. With the overall project time being over a decade that means future long-term jobs for Tasmanians of all ages.”

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