Fair Work Decision

Release Date: 30/05/2019
The TCCI today welcomed the decision of the Fair Work Commission to increase the national minimum wage.

“We support the Fair Work Commission and value its independence,” TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said.

“However, we are also concerned about small businesses in Tasmania.”

Mr Bailey said the Fair Work Commission increased the national minimum wage by 3 per cent, amounting to an extra $21.60 a week.

“The minimum wage from July 1 will be $19.49 an hour, or $740.80 a week for full-time workers

“Like the minimum wage, modern award pay rates will rise by 3 per cent on July 1, which will affect the whole of Tasmania.”

Mr Bailey said the Commission's annual review decision takes the minimum wage to $740.80 a week or $19.49 an hour.

“We would point out though that the experience of running a business in central Sydney or Melbourne is very different to regional Australia, particularly Tasmania.

“This decision will have ramifications in regional businesses who can only react by shedding jobs to manage wage increases in stagnant markets.”

Mr Bailey said the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry had recommended the increase should not exceed 1.8 per cent.

“The TCCI has been steadfast in wanting overall economic policy to increase productivity and participation for regional Australia and Tasmania.

“We need wages to affordable in Tasmania. Small and medium-sized businesses drive the Tasmanian economy.

“Without them, without the ability for those businesses to employ people and pay them, Tasmania will collapse.

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