Cassy O’Connor Needs to Stop Cheap Attacks on Federal Group

Release Date: 10/07/2019
The TCCI today called on Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor to stop her cheap political attacks on Tasmanian business.

“Earlier today, Cassy O’Connor continued her cheap political attack on the Federal Group,” TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said.
“The Federal Group is a company that:
  • Operates its gaming, hospitality and tourism businesses in Tasmania
  • Pays taxes in Tasmania
  • Employs more than 2000 Tasmanians.
“Demonising a company that has a long and proud history of investing in Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality industry shows the shallow, political nature of Ms O’Connor’s ongoing attack against Federal.

“The Federal Group has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in leading tourism assets and experiences over many decades.

“Just look at their current properties - Country Club Tasmania, Wrest Point,  Henry Jones Art Hotel, MACq 01 hotel, and Saffire. And we know there is more to come.

“If the Tasmanian Greens want to have a conversation about Electronic Gaming Machines, I hope they’ll have an honest one.

“The research-based reality is: EGM revenue continues to fall and gambling related harm in Tasmania is amongst the Nation’s lowest at 0.6% .”

Mr Bailey said the Fourth Social and Economic Impact Study of Gambling in Tasmania (Vol. 1, pp vi) states:

“Real EGM expenditure has recently trended steadily downwards, falling from $263 million in 2008-09 to $191 million in 2015-16…

…Real gaming expenditure on casinos in Tasmania (including casino EGMs) peaked in 2008-09 and has trended downwards since. Between 2008-09 and 2015-16, real casino gaming expenditure has declined at an average of 5% per annum.”

Mr Bailey said Tasmanians voted against both the ALP and Greens’ policy to ban poker machines in pubs and clubs.

“Shallow attacks like these should be seen for what they are – hollow, ill-informed and, worst of all, assumes Tasmanians can’t see through the half-truths of what Ms O’Connor and the Tasmanian Greens are trying to peddle.

“I call on Ms O’Connor to cease her attack on a responsible business that continues to invest in Tasmania and employ Tasmanians right around the State.

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