Cabinet Reshuffle

Release Date: 1/07/2019
The TCCI today called on the Tasmanian Government to maintain both its stability and majority.

“The TCCI and Tasmanian business wants stable, majority Government – because that is the best Government,” TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said.

“Business wants constancy and certainty, so that it can continue to invest in the Tasmanian economy and employ Tasmanians.”

Mr Bailey said the potential for Speaker Sue Hickey to become an Independent would not be good for Tasmania.

“We understand Ms Hickey’s disappointment at being overlooked as a Cabinet Minister.
“However, we also see that she is extremely important and effective as the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

“Ms Hickey was elected as a Liberal and we believe she should remain a Liberal.
“Becoming an Independent would create minority Government, which is not what Tasmanian business wants, nor what the Tasmanian people voted for.”

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