Lord Mayor Not Speaking for his Community

Release Date: 27/06/2018
The TCCI today called on Hobart Lord Mayor Ron Christie to resign.

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said he listened to Mr Christie in an ABC Breakfast News report saying that Hobart did not want any more tourists.

“This message is clearly contrary to the view of the majority of aldermen of the council that the Lord Mayor represents,” Mr Bailey said.

“It is also potentially damaging to the Tasmanian Tourism Industry as a whole. 
“Mr Christie is using the Lord Mayor role as a vehicle to present messages that are not representative of the council or community as a whole.

“He should step down his role as Lord Mayor immediately.

“Clearly, he has not been out and about in Hobart with the tens of thousands of people who have attended Winterfeast, Dark Park and MoFo events over the past two weeks.

“That is thousands and thousands of Tasmanians, interstate visitors and international tourists – but mainly Tasmanians.

“His continued campaign, misusing his role as the Lord Mayor, is simply embarrassing …. and unrepresentative of the Tasmanian community, including many TCCI members who have contacted me.”
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive, Michael Bailey, mobile 0437 322 338 

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