TCCI welcomes Government lifeline for business

Release Date: 14/09/2021
The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has welcomed the announcement today that an additional $50 million will be provided to business.

TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, said many businesses are in desperate need of support.

“This package can’t come soon enough given how much the business community is suffering at the moment,” Mr Bailey said.

“The lockdowns in Victoria and New South Wales have created chaos in Tasmania.  It’s not just tourism businesses hurting either.  Any business with a retail exposure, from service stations to Salamanca market stalls, have suffered.

“The three-pronged approach of waiving operating costs, scaling up cash grants and payroll tax relief will not only help businesses survive the next couple of months, it will help boost confidence across the economy.

“We especially welcome the targeted payroll tax relief.  We know that payroll tax is hurting many small businesses that have been captured and we believe it is well past time that the Government fixed this once and for all, rather than waiting for payroll tax to hit a particular pain threshold for small business before offering temporary relief.
“We also need the Government to give a clear indication as to when border restrictions will ease and we will be able to welcome back friends, family and visitors from New South Wales and Victoria.  I note the Secretary of the Department of Health suggested on ABC radio this morning that border restrictions may not ease until the vaccination rate is above 90 per cent.  This is completely at odds with the national roadmap.

“If it’s the Government’s intention to keep our borders shut until vaccination rates are above 90 per cent, then the business community is going to need a lot more than $50 million in support to keep its head above water." 
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Officer, Michael Bailey, mobile 0437 322 338

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