RU QR Compliant?

Release Date: 1/06/2021

The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is urging all Tasmanian businesses to make sure they are using the QR code system to help protect Tasmania from COVID.

“Today I want to ask every Tasmanian business one very important question: are you QR compliant?” said TCCI CEO Michael Bailey.
“The best way to tackle COVID is in your hands – with QR codes the Government can quickly track and trace any outbreak and stop the spread.  What’s happened in Victoria is tragic, but it could have been a lot worse without QR code-assisted tracking and tracing and it’s clear the more people use QR codes the more effective the response. 
“I will be using every chance I get to encourage businesses to have a QR code on display and to make sure it is used properly because we can’t become complacent and we must take this seriously. 
“The good news is doing the right thing and helping to protect our community couldn’t be simpler.  For businesses, it takes minutes to register and download a free QR code.  If you run a business and you’re having trouble downloading a QR code, call the TCCI and we will help you.  For customers and patrons, checking in takes seconds and could be the difference that helps to protect our community.
“It’s also important that business owners and staff make sure people are using the QR codes and we should all make sure our friends and family are checking in too.  If you check in at a venue on social media, make sure you check in with the QR code as well.
“We’re all in this together and the best thing you can do to help is to use the QR codes.”
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Officer, Michael Bailey, mobile 0437 322 338

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