Joint Statement from CCF, TCCI, TSBC and Master Builders

Release Date: 15/10/2021
The CCF, TCCI, TSBC and Master Builders recognise the very difficult decision the Premier has had to make.

This lockdown will come as a significant blow to all of the businesses we represent.  We trust that financial support will be made available to any and all businesses impacted by this lockdown.

The Tasmanian economy cannot sustain a prolonged lockdown and we are concerned that in other states “short, sharp lockdowns” have turned into months.

Zero COVID is a thing of the past. Only today, NSW announced they will open to quarantine-free international travel from 1 November.

We note that both NSW and Victoria lifted their lockdowns after 70 per cent double vaccination rates and with Tasmania only days away from the same mark, we trust that our lockdown will not be extended beyond the promised three days.

Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Officer, Michael Bailey, mobile 0437 322 338

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