Government must step in to stop crop rot

Release Date: 15/01/2021

TCCI CEO Michael Bailey has expressed his extreme frustration at reports in today’s Tasmanian Country that farmers are abandoning crops because they can’t get enough workers to pick them.

“Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, yet Mark Kable from Harvest Moon is quoted in today’s Tasmanian Country saying that he’s been forced to let five hectares of broccoli rot in the ground because he can’t find workers to pick it,” Mr Bailey said.

“It’s absolute madness that good food is going to waste.  The Tasmanian Government needs to step in here.  They were the ones that shut the borders, they knew this would be an issue and they need to clean up this mess now.

“If farmers can’t find enough local workers, then the Tasmanian Government needs to get on the phone to their federal counterparts and organise more international pickers from overseas.

“This has been a slow-moving train-wreck of the Government’s own making.  We pride ourselves on being one of the major food bowls of the nation, but our farmers have been let down badly.”

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