Top economic performance good news, but Government must avoid complacency

Release Date: 26/10/2020
Tasmania topping the CommSec State of the States Report for the third consecutive quarter is good news, but the Government must avoid complacency if the economy is going to truly recover from COVID-19 impacts, said TCCI CEO Michael Bailey.
“While the rankings are a strong nod towards the Tasmanian business sector’s resilience and the State Government’s management of the pandemic, unemployment numbers remain a concern and highlight the need for further lifting of restrictions” Mr Bailey said.
“It is hoped today’s re-opening of borders to safe states will provide a much needed boost for those businesses doing it tough, but this boost also needs to be backed in by more measures designed to not only open up the economy but stimulate it as well.
“One of these measures is the issue of payroll tax, which needs to be addressed immediately. Payroll tax is a tax on jobs, which Tasmania certainly can’t afford right now.
“As well as payroll tax, it is vital further operating restrictions are lifted, to help lift the invisible handbrake many businesses currently have holding them back.”

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