Tax reform should mean lower taxes, not more taxes

Release Date: 22/07/2020
Any reform of Tasmania’s taxation system should mean lower taxes for all businesses, not more taxes, the TCCI said today.
“Businesses across Tasmania are bleeding as a result of COVID-19 and the best and most practical way to support them is by lowering taxes, not increasing them.
“Suggestions by Economist Saul Eslake in today’s Mercury (p11) that payroll tax be imposed on all business in Tasmania, regardless of size, would kick Tasmania’s small and medium businesses in the guts at the worst possible time.
“Rather, the State Government should be looking to lower payroll tax for all businesses in Tasmania that currently pay it, or even better, put in a place a full payroll tax holiday for a period of time.
“Payroll tax is a tax on jobs and reducing or temporarily abolishing it is the single biggest lever the Tasmanian Government has at its disposal to encourage business and jobs growth in Tasmania.”

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