TCCI strongly welcomes nation-leading Tasmanian Government support package

Release Date: 26/03/2020
The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) has strongly welcomed the support package announced by the Tasmanian Government today.
TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, said the package was nation-leading in its size and scope.
“These are unprecedented circumstances and they warrant an unprecedented response.  At nearly $1 billion, the support the Tasmanian Government has provided is the biggest in the State’s history and it shows the Government is prepared to pull all of the levers available to them,” Mr Bailey said.
“The shockwave of the coronavirus is threatening to smash the Tasmanian economy.  It’s already cost thousands of jobs this week alone and we can’t understate the need for the Tasmanian Government to step up, step in and provide assistance to the whole community as well as the business sector.
“The TCCI fully supports all of the measures in the package and it particularly welcomes the changes to payroll tax, land tax, vehicle registration and business continuity advice.
“The cost of doing business in Tasmania can be challenging at the best of times, yet alone during a pandemic and this shows the Government is listening to the concerns that we have been raising.
“The support measures for households are also strongly welcomed.”
Mr Bailey said that the business community was doing its part by emphasising hygiene and health to its employees and customers and doing everything possible to ensure as many Tasmanians as possible keep their jobs.
“The business community is pleading with the community to stay safe and stay home if they can.  Because Tasmania was the first state to close our borders, if we all play our part and stick to the rules, then hopefully we can avoid a full lockdown which we would destroy what parts of our economy we have left.”

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