TCCI stands by travel bubble call

Release Date: 6/09/2020
The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has strongly supported the Tasmanian Government in its handling of the COVID outbreak.
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said that he believed Tasmania was well-placed, but needed a clear exit strategy, starting with travel bubbles to other states.
“We don’t want to be in a position where our borders are shut, there are no travel bubbles and JobKeeper, which is supporting a huge number of Tasmanian businesses, is wound back. The economic shockwave of that would be devastating,” Mr Bailey said.
“The Government is managing the risks to public health, but seems to be ignoring the risks to the jobs of thousands of Tasmanians and scores of Tasmanian businesses.
“Public health officials have made it clear that there is a very small risk of travel bubbles resulting in a COVID outbreak in Tasmania. The chances are apparently one in ten million.
“It remains unclear to us why the chance of an essential worker bringing COVID to Tasmania is 1 in 10 million but the risk profile of a tourist or non-essential traveller from a non-hotspot state is any different?
“The other reason why it appears the Government is keeping the borders shut is because of anxiety from talkback radio callers and twitter users. The best way to manage that is a sensible travel bubble trial with a safe state like South Australia. If people can see it can be handled safely, I’m sure that will reduce anxiety.
“Unlike Western Australia, which has a massive resource industry and a relatively small visitor economy, we cannot operate indefinitely with our borders shut. All we’re asking for is the Government to listen to public health advice regarding the low likelihood of COVID transmission from some other states.”

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