TCCI launches bold plan for economic Road to Recovery

Release Date: 23/09/2020
The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has today launched its bold plan for an economic Road to Recovery in Tasmania.
CEO Michael Bailey said that the plan was developed in consultation with the broader business community and provides a clear pathway for the Government and business sector to follow.
“The Government has done a fantastic job managing the public health crisis caused by COVID.  Now it’s time to outline a clear plan for dealing with the economic crisis that COVID has created,” Mr Bailey said.
“Our roadmap focuses on three key areas:
  1. Supporting businesses to reopen and stay open
  2. Investing in our people
  3. Investing in infrastructure
“These are the three key areas that we believe the Government and the business community need to work together on.
“When it comes to supporting businesses to reopen and stay open, our feedback is clear – government needs to reduce input costs, like power costs, they need to ease restrictions and create travel bubbles with other states that have COVID under control, and they need to cut payroll tax.
“We need to invest in people to ensure we have a well-trained, skilled workforce that can support business.  We should be looking to make it easier to re-skill employees who want to work in a different industry or who have lost their job because of COVID.  We should also be using this opportunity to create a skilled workforce to support any stimulus measures in the upcoming State budget.
“Investing in infrastructure is also another major opportunity.  The Government must ensure that there is a steady pipeline of residential, commercial and civil projects to keep our builders busy right around the State.  We know that infrastructure projects, from minor maintenance to major construction is one of the best ways to support and stimulate the economy.
“The business community stands ready to work with the Government to deliver on each of these areas.  We need to work together to rebuild confidence in our business sector and to make sure we keep up the positive economic momentum that had been building up prior to the COVID outbreak in Australia.”
Mr Bailey said the Road to Recovery plan has been prepared with the support of Tasplan and thanked them for their assistance.
Tasplan CEO Wayne Davy said Tasmania’s only locally based super provider was proud to support the TCCI to deliver the Road to Recovery plan.
“There’s no easy route out from the unprecedented and far-reaching impacts of the pandemic – that’s why it’s so important to support strategies like this to help Tasmania’s people, communities, businesses and economy recover,” he said

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