TCCI Welcomes State of the State Commitment to supporting business and growing the economy

Release Date: 3/03/2020
TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, has today welcomed the Premier’s first State of the State speech as welcome support for business in Tasmania.
“Today’s speech will help support confidence in the business sector in the midst of challenging conditions nationally and internationally,” Mr Bailey said.
“The speech contained a number of important announcements, none more so than the long-awaited release of major projects legislation.  We need to have a sensible approach that gives the business community the confidence to bring forward major projects with the certainty that they will get a fair hearing from government.
“Dramatically increasing renewable energy generation to 200 per cent of Tasmania’s needs by 2040 has the potential to create thousands of jobs and countless more business opportunities as well as helping to back in the Marinus project for additional interconnection between Tasmania and the mainland.
“It was also pleasing to see the government announcing further measures to reduce red tape with proposed legislative timeframes for the permits for energy and water and sewerage services.
“Our members have been calling for action in these three areas in particular and the TCCI will continue to advocate for sensible reforms that will help businesses invest and create jobs and play our part in growing Tasmania’s economy.”

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