One in ten million: Time to open the borders to non hot-spot states

Release Date: 5/09/2020
With yesterday’s revelations from the Director of Public Health that Tasmania’s chances of importing a case of COVID-19 from non-hotspot states in just one in ten million, it’s time to re-open the borders, the TCCI said today.

“These figures are a game-changer”, CEO Michael Bailey said.

“According to some estimates, you have as much chance of your plane crashing while travelling to and from Tasmania (around one in 5.4 million, The Economist 2015) than you do of bringing COVID in if our borders were open to non-hotspot states.

“The Premier has led us fantastically through the COVID pandemic, now is the time for him to lead us out, to save and create jobs and get Tasmanian business humming again.”

Mr Bailey also said that many people would be perplexed by yesterday’s comments from the Director of Public Health where he seemed to suggest that social media posts, talkback radio and public opinion formed an important part of his advice to the Government.

“Tasmanian business is hurting badly as a result of COVID restrictions, we expect that all of these restrictions will be based on the latest available science, not on some perception of public opinion.”

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