Coordination needed on border restrictions

Release Date: 25/08/2020
A coalition of business groups, including the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, chambers of commerce and industry around Australia, including the TCCI and the Business Council of Australia has written a joint letter to National Cabinet, calling for greater coordination on border restrictions.
TCCI CEO, Michael Bailey, said its vital that there is greater coordination between the Federal Government and states and territories. 
“It’s going to become increasingly difficult for businesses if different jurisdictions have different rules,” Mr Bailey said.
“Obviously, decisions need to be made based on health advice, but there’s no reason this can’t be done consistently across the country.”
The letter states:
A transparent and easily understood set of nationally consistent principles is urgently needed. This would allow states and territories to apply a uniform set of internal border controls in response to outbreaks or changes in conditions.
The decision by National Cabinet to define hotspots in encouraging. We urge Governments to move quickly on this. We need a national framework that clearly sets out the thresholds of when internal border controls can be implemented and how they would apply.
A nationally consistent set of principles across all states and territories would provide greater certainty for business and for all Australians.
Without an agreed framework, enormous harm will continue to be done to critical sectors of our economy, holding back Australia’s recovery from this pandemic.
We urge you to take prompt action to resolve these border issues, for all Australians.
Mr Bailey said it was time for governments across the country to get on the same page.
“Premier Gutwein has done a good job managing the risks of COVID and it would be fantastic if Tasmania could again take a leadership role in ensuring a consistent approach to borders across the country.”
The full letter is available here -

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