Cautious budget needs to deliver for Tasmania

Release Date: 12/11/2020
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey has described today’s state budget as cautious and encouraged the Government to deliver on its announcements today.
“Tough economic conditions have impacted on Tasmanian businesses and we are disappointed that the Government hasn’t offered payroll tax to help reduce the hit,” Mr Bailey said.
“This budget takes a very cautious approach and the Government must work hard to ensure it delivers on everything announced today.
“It’s one thing to allocate a budget, it’s another thing to make sure the money is spent effectively and efficiently.  We hope the Government ensures its infrastructure budget in particular is rolled out smoothly and on time.
“There are a number of initiatives in the budget that I think will deliver good results for the State, such as airport infrastructure upgrades, the Cradle Mountain cable car and more money for training and apprentices.
“It’s also concerning that even though Treasury forecasts infrastructure spending will create 25,000 jobs, the unemployment rate will still hover over eight per cent for years to come.
“The business community stands ready to work with the Government to help drive Tasmania’s economy forward.”

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