Bob Brown Foundation opposition to renewable energy unfathomable

Release Date: 29/05/2020
The opposition of the Bob Brown Foundation to the proposed Jim’s Plains and Robbins Island windfarms is contradictory, the TCCI said today.
“For decades the Green movement has been lecturing us that we should be investing in renewable energy”, Chief Operating Officer Colleen Reardon said.
“The attack by their campaigner Scott Jordan on the transmission line required to link the far north-west development to our grid is disappointing and fails to recognise that the long term benefit to the environment and economy needs to be balanced with immediate environmental impacts .
“The transmission line is going through all the appropriate approvals process – as it should – and we would urge the Bob Brown Foundation to support renewable energy development in this state.
“The development, jobs and renewable future these projects bring are too important to this state to be used as a political football.”

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