TCCI initiatives help drive up Sensis Business Index

Release Date: 25/10/2017
Business confidence is up again – thanks to the Tasmanian Government policies based around training schemes and small business management programs, many initiated by the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The TCCI congratulates the Tasmanian Government for its return to the top spot of the Sensis Business Index report with a seven-point rise to +16.
‘The Tasmanian Government stands out as well above other states in their policies because they appeal to SME’s,’ said TCCI CEO Michael Bailey.
‘This shows an increased faith in the state economy.’
‘The TCCI has lead the way by recommending many of these initiatives to the Tasmanian Government, and working hard to implement the programs state-wide,’ Mr Bailey said.
‘It’s great to see Tasmania once again trailblazing the way for business to grow and succeed.’
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Michael Bailey – 0437 322 338 

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