TCCI Welcomes High School Commitment

Release Date: 3/12/2017
The TCCI today welcomed the Hodgman Liberal Government election commitment to extend all high schools to Year 12 by 2022.
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said the TCCI and its members are in favour of this education policy, now backed conclusively by the TCCI's Tasmania Report author Saul Eslake.
“The TCCI has enormous respect for all teachers within the Tasmanian secondary school system,” Mr Bailey said.
“We categorically believe that the extension of high schools to Grade 12 is critical to the State’s overall development, both educationally and economically.”
“The Government has already extended 30 schools to year 12 with another eight schools ready to extend at the start of 2018.”
Mr Bailey said the TCCI welcomed the Government’s further extension of five more schools from 2019 - Kings Meadows High School, Prospect High School, Parklands High School, Penguin District School and Winnaleah District High School (in partnership with Scottsdale High School).
“It is also good news that the senior secondary colleges will remain open, to give all students and parents choice for Grades 11 and 12.
“The extension of high schools to Grade 12 Statewide will mean that local students will be able to stay engaged with education in their local communities.”
Mr Bailey said the retention rate to Grade 12 has risen to 73.4 per cent, up more than six per cent compared to 2012.
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Michael Bailey – 0437 322 338

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