Chamber seeks TasWater meeting

Release Date: 24/11/2017
The TCCI will seek a meeting with TasWater to discuss the future of water and sewage in Tasmania following the Legislative Council vote yesterday.
TCCI CEO Michael Bailey said the Chamber was on the public record of supporting the Tasmanian Government’s proposed takeover of TasWater.
“We supported the change in ownership based on the need to build capacity in Tasmanian businesses to capitalise on TasWater’s upcoming $750 million works,” Mr Bailey said.
“We believe a change in ownership would refresh the culture and remodel the business into a customer-first, more entrepreneurial focus.
“We will seek advice on the economies and efficiencies that should reflect a business of this type and scale.
“The TCCI believes that when your governance is linked to 29 shareholders and not the people of Tasmania, you cannot add the sort of value we were hoping for.
“The TCCI believes TasWater becoming a GBE is still a better model to support local businesses to do this work.”
Mr Bailey said the TCCI has a good relationship with TasWater and will seek a meeting to discuss its thoughts in depth.
“The TasWater sale will now become a State election issue in 2018.”
Contact: TCCI Chief Executive Michael Bailey – 0437 322 338 
Media contact: A.Mark Thomas, M&M Communication – 0422 006 732

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