WR Consultancy

TCCI provides comprehensive industrial relations advice to manage employment, statutory and legal requirements, including:

  • Coaching and education to prevent workplace disharmony and disruption
  • Investigations
  • Assistance and advice on the interpretation of the Fair Work Act 2009 and the National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Modern Award coverage and application, conditions of employment and transitional arrangements information specific to Tasmania
  • Assistance with planning and negotiating Enterprise Agreements
  • Assistance with the resolution of specific workplace issues
  • Advice concerning strategic workplace relations.

A pro-active approach and expert knowledge of current workplace relations issues to businesses to identify potential concerns before they become unmanageable, and reduce the likelihood of costly disruption to the workforce.

Enterprise Agreements

TCCI can assist in the negotiation and drafting of Enterprise Agreements.  This includes assistance with meeting employer’s obligations to notifying employees of their representational rights, good faith bargaining.  TCCI can support you to get the most out of enterprise bargaining through:

  • Reviewing existing agreements and/or arrangements, and providing a comparison that can be used to assist members with the negotiation process
  • Providing strategic advice on available options and how best to negotiate with bargaining representatives
  • Drafting agreements or specific clauses  accurately reflect the intentions of the parties and meets legislative requirements
  • Representation in the lodgement and approval process with the Fair Work Commission.

Hourly Rates

Members                $270 per hour*
Non-member          $415 per hour

* Note discounts apply for Complete, Premium and Chairman’s Club Members
* Retainer agreements available