Supporting and retaining employees

Fact Sheet: Supporting and retaining employees 

Why it's important to support and retain your employees.  Benefits of becoming an Employer of Choice.

Mentally healthy workplaces

Online resources: Head4Work

Mentally healthy workplaces are more productive and have better employee retention.  Head4Work is an online training tool that will help workers, supervisors and managers know how they can reduce workplace mental health risks and support themselves and their co-workers when concerns about mental health arise.

Workplace health and safety

Resource: WHS Advisory Service

Workplace health and safety (WHS) can be complex and resource intensive.  TCCI's WHS Advisory Service is a free service designed to help you make your workplace and your workers safe. 

Managing your employment obligations

Resource: Workplace Relations Advice

Managing your employment law obligations and entitlements can be confusing and risky if done incorrectly.  Subject to your needs, TCCI is currently providing free-of-charge workplace relations support in order to support businesses through the pandemic.