Hot Topic - WHS Hazard and Risk Identification

Risk identification and management can sometimes be a tricky and confusing issue as we all look at risk differently, we see different hazards and have different ideas on what needs to be done to control them. In this session we discuss a number of elements for effective risk identification and management.
  • What is a hazard compared to a risk?
  • What type of hazards are there?
  • How do you identify hazards and risks in your workplace?
  • What happens if your workers see risk differently than management?
  • How do you calculate the likelihood and the consequences of a risk?
  • How do you reduce risks using the hierarchy of control?
  • What are the processes in risk identification?
  • What is the purpose of reviewing controls?
Date Time City Venue
 Tuesday 6   November
 11am - 12.30pm

 Launceston   Self Help Workplace
 414 Hobart Road
 Tuesday 13   November

 11am - 12.30pm


 309 Liverpool Street
 *Please note - onsite
   parking is not available.

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$30 for Non-TCCI Members

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