IP Seminar

Update your knowledge on how to protect Your Brand
Monday 4th December, 2017
10.00am until  11.30am
TCCI,  309 Liverpool Street Hobart
David Bennett
Counsellor (Intellectual Property)
Australian Embassy, Beijing
RSVP to Sally Chandler, TCCI TradeStart— by Friday 1 December 2017
Email — sally.chandler@tcci.com.au  OR  phone 6236 3617

The China market continues to grow in importance for Australian exporters. Protecting intellectual property (IP) should be a priority for any business when entering any market, including China. Many businesses think that IP protection is complex and difficult with many barriers including language, without being aware of the significant and ongoing improvements in the ability to register and protect their IP in China. How better to understand the current situation than to hear from an Australian IP expert living and working in China. 

The presenter is David Bennett, IP Counsellor, at the Australian Embassy in Beijing. David Bennett is IP Australia’s first Intellectual Property Counsellor to China. David supports Australian businesses to protect their IP in China by providing guidance on local IP matters, including IP registration and enforcement, and works to raise IP awareness. He also engages with the Chinese government on IP policy issues.

David has worked in IP Australia’s international, domestic and trade policy sections, and first joined IP Australia as a biotechnology patent examiner. He was previously Director of Intellectual Property at a California-based biomedical start-up company. David was born and raised in Hobart, which he still considers home.