TCCI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the TCCI are all from member organisations and represent the cross section of the Tasmanian business environment.
Under the articles of association the board consists of 7 elected members:
  • 2 elected members from each of the regions of Tasmania – North (Federal electorate of Bass & Lyons) and North West (Federal electorate of Braddon)
  • 3 elected members from the Southern region of Tasmania (Federal electorates of Denison and Franklin)
  • Additional to this, the board can choose to invite and additional 2 individuals to be members for a prescribed timeframe. Such appointments are made on the basis that those appointed being able to bring experience, skills and knowledge to benefit the organisation as a whole.
All financial members are eligible to nominate for the board and also vote in the election normally conducted in August/September each year.

At the Annual General Meeting, the new Board Members are appointed and the election of office bearers undertaken.

Susan Parr
TCCI Chair
Paul Arnold
TCCI Deputy Chair
Independent Management Consultant

John de Bruyn
TCCI Board Director
De Bruyn Transport
Paul Ranson
TCCI Board Director
CEO, B&E Personal Banking
Neil Thomas
TCCI Board Director
Tommy Wong
TCCI Board Director
University of Tasmania

Rebecca King
TCCI Board Director
Kingthing Marketing